Pre-race day

3 weeks priorEnsure we have enough prize vouchersPrize Coordinator
2 weeks priorOpen up EntryBossHandicapper
2 weeks priorConfirm CommissaireRace Coordinator
2 weeks priorAdvertise raceMedia Officer
10 days prior and then dailyCheck and update EntryBossHandicapper
1 week priorConfirm CoffeeRace Coordinator
1 week priorConfirm sponsors attendanceRace Coordinator
1 week prior then every second dayAdvertise race / call for volunteersMedia Officer
5 days priorOrder fruitPrize Coordinator
5 days priorConfirm Race Director, Rego and First Aid volunteersRace Coordinator
3 days priorConfirm volunteer to deliver trailer and take backRace Coordinator
2 days priorIncrease advertisingMedia Officer
2 day priorIncrease updating EntryBoss till race closesHandicapper
1 day priorEnsure equipment is charged (Computers, iPads, Wi-Fi modem and PARace Coordinator
1 day priorPrint out forms for race day. Race result recordingPrize ListJunior Handicap race recording   Withdraw cash for race day $50 x 2Race Director
1 day priorArrange delivery of equipment for raceRace Coordinator
After EntryBoss closesUpload entries to rego systemHandicapper
After EntryBoss closesCheck rego systemHandicapper

Race day

6.00Trailer delivered to track (can be night before)Assigned by race coordinator
6:15Coffee arrive – advise where to setup and ensure power.  If no power meter box to be checked (key with trailer keys)Race director
6.25Rego setup (earlier if paras are racing)Registration
6:25If paras are racing track cleared and track closed signs up and first aid availableRace director
6:30Coffee ready to serveRace director
6:30If paras are racing – Briefing and race commencesCommissaire
6:40Setup marquesCoordinated by Race Director
6:45First aid available (earlier if paras are racing)First Aid Officer
6:45Corner marshals briefed for race #1 and provided equipment (Chair, umbrella and radio)Coordinated by Race Director
6:50Portable PA setup (if required)Coordinated by Race Director
6:50Track cleared of non-racers (earlier if paras are racing)Commissaire
7:00Corner marshals in placeRace Director
7:00Rider briefing and race #1 to startCommissaire
7.30Fruit to be delivered byCole
7:30Prizes to be delivered byCole
7:45Corner marshals briefed for race #2Coordinated by Race Director
7:55Races #1 completeCommissaire
7:58Results completedCommissaire
8:00Corner marshals in place for race #2Race Director
8:00Rider briefing and race #2 to startCommissaire
8:02Collect race results from race #1 and get prizes readyCoordinated by Race Director
8:05Podium #1– hand out prizes and take photosCoordinated by Race Director
8:50Race #2 completedCommissaire
8:55Results race #2 completedCommissaire
8:55Juniors coordinated and handicaps worked outCommissaire / Race Director
9:00Junior handicap commencedCommissaire
9:05Collect race results from race #2 and get prizes readyRace Director / Podium Coordinator
9:05Podium #2– hand out prizes and take photosPodium Coordinator
9:00Corner marshals briefed for race #3Race Director
9:10Junior handicap completedCommissaire
9:15Corner marshals in place for Race #3Race Director
9:15Rider briefing and race #3 to startCommissaire
9:20Junior handicap results completedCommissaire
9:25Podium Junior handicap – hand out prizes and take photosPodium Coordinator
9:45Race #3 completedCommissaire
9:45Advise Corner marshals to bring back equipmentRace Director
9:45Organise a rider to ride with juniors and have radioRace Director
9:50Junior riders briefedCommissaire
9:55Results race #3 completedCommissaire
9:55Collect race results from race #3 and get prizes readyRace Director / Podium Coordinator
10:00Podium #3– hand out prizes and take photosPodium Coordinator
10:10Junior race completedCommissaire
10:15Results junior race completedCommissaire
10:15Collect race results from juniors race and get prizes readyRace Director / Podium Commissaire
10:15Podium Juniors race– hand out prizes and take photosPodium Coordinator
10:20Pay CoffeeRace Director
10:20Pack up marquees and trailerRace Director
10:25Divide any remaining fruit to give to volunteersRace Director
10:30Check for lost property or gear left behind 
10:30Return trailerRace Coordinator
Late afternoonPublish race photosMedia

Post-race day

1-3 days after raceRace report completed and sent to AuscyclingCommissaire




To run a race a commissaire needs to be present.


  • Officiate race
  • Record results
  • Provide race report to Auscycling

Equipment needed

  • Bell
  • Whistle
  • Timer
  • Forms for results
  • Stop sign
  • iPad

Corner Marshall

Two corner marshals are needed in all adult races, one in the Ss and one at the top straight corner. 

A chair, umbrella and radio is to be supplied to each corner marshal.  Radios are to be set to channel 16.  A radio check should be done before the first race to ensure the radio is working.

For junior races an adult or an older junior can ride with to advise of any issues.


  • Make sure no stray cyclist or pedestrians wander onto the track
  • Advise commissaire of any accidents
  • Warn riders of any accidents up front
  • Advise commissaire of any riders drafting off another group
  • Communicate with commissaire when needed in relation to break a-ways and position of groups

Equipment needed

  • Chair
  • Radio set to channel 16
  • Umbrella
  • Signs


First Aid Officer

At all times when racing a first aid off needs to be available.  A first aid must have a current first aid certificate.


  • Attend to any first aid needs
  • Arrange ambulance if necessary
  • Complete accident reports and give to commissaire
  • Advise lifecycle committee if first aid supplies are needed

Equipment needed

  • First aid bag
  • Radio set to channel 16
  • Defibrillation


This can be performed by more than one person.  Their role is to maintain EntryBoss and gradings.


  • Ensure EntryBoss is open 2 weeks before a club event
  • Maintain rider gradings
  • Update EntryBoss entries
  • Close race off the night before and arrange entries to be recorded in our registration system

Equipment needed

  • Permissions to Entryboss and club rego system

Media Officer

This person is responsible for advertising the race through social media / website.


  • Promote the race
  • Encourage others to promote the race

Equipment needed

  • Permissions to Facebook, Instagram, TeamApp and Website

Podium Coordinator

This can be a shared role and can be arranged on race day.


  • Liaise with commissaire / race director for results
  • Liaise with sponsor before each podium
  • Use PA or race commentator to announce podiums
  • Hand out prizes for podiums after each race
  • Ensure photos are taken

Equipment needed

  • Camera
  • PA (if no race commentator)

Prize coordinator

This role is to ensure that prizes such as vouchers, EFT forms and fruit are available on race day.


  • Ensure the supply of stock of vouchers such as Harris Farms and Kalas
  • Order vouchers when needed
  • Oder fruit several days before race day
  • Ensure fruit and vouchers are delivered on race day
  • Maintain / update prize list when necessary

Race Commentator

Having this role intends to bring atmosphere to our race events by providing commentary and music.


  • Commentate race
  • Play music through the PA system
  • Commentate podiums
  • Assist commissaire / Race Director to make announcements when needed

Equipment needed

  • PA system
  • Music
  • iPad

Race Coordinator

This role is around tasking people to ensure everything is in place for race day.  The duties do not have to be done by this person but they need to ensure they are in hand. Planning should commence 2 weeks prior to race day.


  • Ensure a commissaire is available for race day
  • Ensure Entryboss is open and being updated as registrations come in
  • Ensure someone is regularly advertising the race and call for race day volunteers
  • Confirm coffee van
  • Ensure fruit is ordered.
  • Ensure there is a race director for the race
  • Ensure there are volunteers for registration
  • Ensure there is a first aid officer and a backup
  • Ensure prize vouchers have been organised and will be delivered on race day before first podium
  • Ensure fruit will be collected and delivered on race day before first podium
  • Ensure trailer will be available around 6.00 am on race day.
  • Ensure trailer someone will return the trailer.
  • Ensure that entries will be uploaded to the registration system once registrations close
  • Print out necessary forms for race day

Equipment needed

  • NA

Race director

This role is needed for race day.  This person should liaise with the race coordinator just prior to the race to confirm who is doing the following roles:

  • Commissaire
  • Registration
  • First Aid
  • Delivering trailer
  • Delivering fruit
  • Delivering prize vouchers
  • Returning trailer

Equipment needed

  • NA


  • Coordinate volunteers to set up registration and marquees
  • Ensure track closed signs are being displayed
  • Block entrance to track near toilet with cones
  • Assist rego with any issues
  • Liaise with commissaire to ensure all races commence on time
  • Assist commissaire where necessary
  • Coordinate and instruct Corner marshals
  • Provide coffee vouchers to volunteers
  • Get race results
  • Coordinate podiums / prizes
  • Coordinate photos to be taken
  • Ensure coffee is paid at the end of the day
  • If an ambulance is needed, coordinate a volunteer at the gate to assist entry
  • Coordinate volunteers to pack up


This can be a shared role.  Ideally during peak times 2 volunteers are needed.


  • Record entrants bib numbers into system
  • Advise of any licence discrepancies
  • Advice racers where to place bib numbers
  • Collect money for any new registrations

Equipment needed

  • 2 computers
  • Bibs
  • Pins
  • Wi-Fi modem (to run rego and iPads)
  • Square
  • iPad (for square)