Lifecycle Classic 1 September 2024

Location: Lowood Recreation Reserve

Categories / Format

Lifecycle Classic Handicap RR

2 laps (71km)
· All Grades, Men and A-B Grade Women (U19, Elite, Masters)
· Early Bird Entry: $70 (until 14 July)
· Regular Entry: $90 (closes 25th August)

Note: C Grade Women who wish to race in the Handicap please contact AusCycling QLD – DO NOT ENTER HERE.

Pilbeam Ladies Mini Classic

· 1 lap (35.5km)
· C and D Grade Women Scratch Race
· Entry fee: $50

Junior Handicap

· 1 lap (35.5km)
· Entry fee: $50

Para Cyclist Race

· 1 lap (35.5km)
· Entry fee: $50


General Classification
1st $1500
2nd $750
3rd $400
4th $200
5th $100
6-15 gift prizes1

1st $5002
2nd $2002
3rd $1002
4-5th gift prizes1,2

Fastest Times
1st $500
2nd $200
3rd gift prizes1
Fastest women’s $5002

End of First Lap
1st gift prize (must finish the race)1

Fastest U19 Men

Fastest U19 Women

Mini Classic (Pilbeam) C Grade 
1st $80
2nd $50
3rd gift prize1

Mini Classic (Pilbeam) D Grade 
1st $80
2nd $50
3rd gift prize1

Para cyclists race
First to finish para race:
1st $80
2nd $50
3rd gift prize1

Junior Classic U17 Boys  
1st $80
2nd $50
3rd gift prize1

Junior Classic U17 Girls  
1st $80
2nd $50
3rd gift prize1

  1. Gift prizes must be claimed on the day of race.
  2. Prizes are determined by the greater of the two amounts: either the GC prize or the prize designated for Women’s placements, but not both.

When: 1st September 2024 from 10:15am

Para Cyclist Race: 10:15

Main Race (first and last depart times): 10:30 – 10:55

Pilbeam Family Mini-classic (women’s C/D): 11:05

Juniors Handicap Classic: U17 go: 10:57* Scratch: TBA (*by handicapper)

Location: Lowood Recreation Reserve
Entries close: 25th August 2024

Contact Details

Lifecycle Cycling Club

Race Director: Nathan Campbell


AusCycling Queensland

P: (07) 3184 7533

Course Map


  1. Start/Finish on Lindemans Rd, Lowood adjacent to Lowood Sports Club.
  2. Turn right into Clarendon Road
  3. At roundabout take Patrick Estate Road 2nd exit.
  4. Proceed 4.5km and turn left into Mahon Road. Mahon Road is narrow – follow to Coominya.
  5. At Coominya turn left into Main Street.
  6. Continue along Main Street into Coominya Connection Rd; continue for 7.2km. Relative straight road with few side roads or houses.
  7. Riders veer left at ‘Y’ junction into Mount Tarampa Road.
  8. Veer left where Mount Tarampa Road; Forest Hill Fernvale Road merge.
  9. Continue 9.3km along Forest Hill Fernvale Road to Lowood.
  10. When entering Lowood proceed up Prospect Street.
  11. Be aware of traffic on left on Park Street.
  12. Descend Prospect Street and passed Lowood School.
  13. At the intersection of Prospect Street & Glamorgan Vale Road proceed left onto Railway Street then immediately turn right onto Lindemans Road.
  14. Lindemans Rd turns into Noland St.
  15. Turn Left onto Lindemans Road; to start/finish line.

Additional Information

Refunds: Please scratch prior to advertised scratching cut-off for automated refund.

Images taken during this event are owned by AusCycling. These images can be used for promotional purposes without any further consent being required.

For further information please see the Cycling Australia Membership Terms and Conditions. If you do not want your image used, please opt out by emailing

Lifecycle Classic History Race Times

Course Record as at 25th August 2023

Male – Riley Fleming – 1hr 26:08

Female – Hayley Jones – 1hr 38:31


YearMale WinnerFemale WinnerMale FastestTimeFemale FastestTime
2002Chris Locke Stuart Cowin   
2003Darly AndersonSheree RichmondJon Cantwell1hr 50.49Liz Young2hr 07.37
2004John WhipLisa DrewTony Mann1hr 48.23Sally Cowman2hr 05.29
2005Richard MoyeJess HaynesBrendan Hil1hr 51.59Sally Cowman2hr 01.05
2006Jon CantwellJosie LoaneJon Cantwell1hr 48.24Josie Loane1hr 54.30
2007Grant IrwinMichelle MewingGrant Irwin1ht 45.11Carla Ryan1hr 53.19
2008Andrew WilcherJane WalkerGrant Irwin1hr 46.01Kirsty Broun1hr 56.49
2009Jon CantwellSimone GroundsJon Cantwell1hr 44.26Simone Grounds1hr 57.01
2010Paul SlomanZoe WattersBrad Nightingale2hr 01.38Loren Rowney2hr 15.59
2011Ian CollinsLoren RowneyJay McCarthy1hr 47.59Loren Rowney1hr 58.11
2012Damien WrightBrielle CarltonDylan Newbury1hr 45.37Emma Ferguson2hr 04.06
2013Jon OsbroughFlo MingeMalcolm Rudolph1hr 48.41Liz Young1hr 56.56
2014Anthony CollinsEllen SkerritAnthony Collins1hr 46.53Ellen Skerrit2hr 00.39
2015Jon DouglasAmy SchrammMalcolm Rudolph1hr 46.52Laurelea Moss1hr 56.52
2016Dougal WilsonLauren HooperBradley Soden1hr 43.39Jess Pratt1hr 53.59
2017Jordan KerbyJess PrattJordan Kerby1hr 40:36Jess Pratt1hr 48:25
2018Peter Dawson      
2019 Nathan CampbellHayley Jones    
2020Riley FlemingHayley JonesRiley Fleming1hr 26:08Hayley Jones1hr 38:31
2021Matthew RiceSophie MalowieckiMatthew Rice1hr 28:28Sophie Malowiecki1hr 39:31
2022Ewan McPhersonHayley JonesLiam Walsh1hr 30:19Hayley Jones1hr 40:19
2023 Ben Walding  Emily YorkstonRyan Cavanagh 1hr 31:13Theresa Waldburger 1hr 41:48

The Lifecycle Classic was first run in 2001 but these records were not available.

In 2010 the course was longer and these times can not be compared.