Week of Race

  • Open Entry Boss and monitor entries. 
  • Check all volunteer spots on website are filled  
  • Confirm or cancel RichPour (Coffee vendor) 
  • Charge radios 
  • Prepare prizes (cash, vouchers) 
  • Purchase fruit from Coles, Woolworths or Aldi  
  • Print out three sets of start lists for PA, Commissaire, Rego 
  • Purchase the following fruit
Fruit Items Total quantity 
Banana 17 (prime) + 20 (Juniors) 37 Juniors (1 banana + 1 piece of fruit) 
Apples 7 (podium) + 5 (Juniors) 12  
Pears 7 (podium) + 5 (Juniors) 12 
Avo 7 (podium) 
Orange 7 (podium) + 5 (Juniors) 12 
Seasonal fruit 7 (podium) + 5 (Juniors) 12 

Race Day

  • One person must be at the track at 6am to open the gate for Rich Pour and the volunteer who brings essential items from the trailer 
  • Make sure all volunteers get a free coffee (including photographer) 
  • Ask PA to do a last call for Coffee and ask Rich Pour to send the invoice to one of the committee members. (Ensure they add booking fee
  • Take photos during podium presentations and photos during the race 
  • There are laminated “Crit Schedule” and “ Podium list” sheets in the white folder if needed  

Post Race

  • Upload photos and thank volunteers on our Facebook page (Lifecycle Cycling Club – Brisbane, not the closed Group page) 
  • Send the race results to the commissaire 
  • Wash numbers and put them in order to check for missing numbers. If there are any missing numbers, update the “Bib numbers” Excel spreadsheet in the Race Day Items folder on OneDrive 
  • Pay for Coffee when invoice received  

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